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About Us

Located on Palm Avenue, just North of Herndon Avenue,

the excellent service and succulent food is what makes us stand out as

Central Valley’s finest steakhouse and seafood restaurant experience. 

Come experience a meal to remember in a luxurious, elegant atmosphere 

and you'll know what makes our restaurant so special.  

It is difficult to exactly describe or label the category of food we provide.

Our cooking is based on upscale American fare inspired by and with a twist of other cuisines,

including French, Italian, and Mediterranean.

We keep our menu selection concise enable to consistently prepare your food 

with fresh and high quality ingredients.

The aesthetics of our architecture and designing is in a class of its own. 

Enjoy a taste of quality and comfort in a restaurant that looks as beautiful as our food tastes. 

Unwind or celebrate with some fine wine 
from our fully temperature controlled wine cellar. 

Our wine list features a curated assortment of varietals 

with over a hundred different wines to choose from.

Whether it's for personal or business purposes, we have fully private rooms

to accommodate all event types.

The Palms stands thirteen years strong 
as one of Fresno’s prestigious establishments. 

We sincerely appreciate and admire all of our supporters!

Our Restaurant

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